Aging Doesn't Mean What It Used To

In our grandparents' day, aging meant a gradual decline in physical health and mental sharpness. But today, advances in healthcare and lifestyle choices have turned the golden years into the best years. A recent study conducted by AARP and National Geographic shows a pleasant twist to what aging really means now, and how it affects our physical and mental well-being.

It isn't hard to see how much aging has changed when you compare today's over 50 demographic with those from the 1980s or 1990s. A recent viral social media post noted that this year, the cast of Friends is now within the age range the cast of The Golden Girls were when it began airing a decade earlier. Comparing Jennifer Aniston today with a 1987 Rue McClanahan gives visible proof of how different aging is today. And no, botox doesn't get as much credit as you think!

What's changing about aging

We've heard the saying age is just a number for years, but we seem to finally be living in a time when it's truer than ever. There are several reasons for this.

“Over the hill” is a great place to be

Over the hill means something different nowadays. Simply put, it means that you're past the worst and the future looks brighter than ever. The Second Half study done by AARP and National Geographic shows a U-shaped diagram for responses when asked about happiness. This means that optimism for the future is high for younger people, has a steady decline before hitting a low around age 40, then quickly climbs higher with age. The correlation between this happiness and the prioritization of health, wellness, and relationships is not lost.

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