Individual Therapy

You’ve come so far while carrying those burdens! Seeking individual therapy means that you’re ready to let someone share the weight. You are stronger than you realize - you just need to bring all of your strengths to light.

Our clinicians provide therapy to residents of Arizona, California, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, and Washington. And some of our psychologists are licensed to provide treatment in the ~34 states that participate in PSYPACT. Learn more about PSYPACT and see if your state is a participant here.

There is no “one size fits all” approach; you are a unique individual made up of all your experiences and your relationships with others. At Medens Health, we respect your individual process.

Together, you and your therapist will explore your challenges, get to the root of them, and make a plan to help you move forward. We provide tailored care for:

Life Transitions
Our lives are divided into stages by major events. Moving, getting married or divorced, changing careers, going to college, becoming an “empty nester” - these transitions can be emotionally and mentally challenging, even when the change is a positive one.
Our relationships with others - and our ability to form and maintain those relationships - have a major impact on our mental well-being.
Your experience with stress is unique, and the situations that cause you stress may be different than those that your friends seem to deal with effortlessly.
Depression can feel like a physical weight bearing you down and negatively impacting all areas of your life.
Clinical anxiety is intense and sometimes debilitating. It may cause you to stop doing things you enjoy.
OCD causes intrusive and unwanted thoughts, images, or urges that create distress or anxiety.
Trauma can follow any distressing or life-threatening event, not only instances of extreme violence.
Personality & Mood Disorders
These conditions cause long-lasting thought patterns and behaviors that disrupt relationships and can get in the way of achievement or fulfillment.

Therapy FAQ

How long does a therapy session last?

Most sessions are one hour which includes 53 minutes of therapy time and 7 minutes of documentation that the provider will complete after your appointment is finished.

I’ve never been in therapy before. What is it like?

Therapy is a collaborative effort between you and your provider. You will come up with goals to help you move through some of the difficulties you are experiencing.

Therapy is not like a regular conversation, and sometimes that might take a little getting used to. For example, your therapist may not simply agree with you like a friend would. Their job is to help you understand yourself more and come to a place of accepting yourself and making any necessary changes.

You may find that the therapeutic process brings up some uncomfortable feelings, but your therapist is there in a supportive capacity to help you process those feelings. Many come out of a therapy session with a lot on their mind and often feel they need a little while to think over the things discussed. This is completely normal!

One common misconception about therapy is the belief that the therapist is supposed to make decisions for the client. However, this is not the role of a therapist. If a therapist were to make a difficult decision for a client and even if it turns out well, it would not be helpful for two reasons: 1) The client would not feel a sense of achievement because they would lose responsibility for the positive outcome, and 2) the client would be left unable to make difficult decisions in the future. Instead, therapy focuses on examining why the client feels stuck and collaborating on finding ways to progress.

When can I start?

Your first appointment is typically within 10 business days for routine/non-urgent appointments. If you have an urgent need, please refer to our Crisis Contacts

Do you only offer online appointments?

We offer both in person and online appointments. Depending on your goals and circumstances, your provider will determine the appropriate level of care required and whether online appointments are appropriate.

How do you match me with a provider?

Our intake form includes sections for any provider preferences (gender, ethnicity, specialty areas) you might have, and your availability for appointments. We’ll also ask you to describe goals so that we can identify a provider with expertise in those areas. We also ensure the provider is in-network with your insurance (if applicable) and has availability when you do.

Can I still see my provider while I am traveling or on vacation?

Our providers are bound by their licenses to only treat patients who are physically located in the state(s) with which they hold their license. Prior to any travel, please discuss continuity of care with your provider.

Do you have providers who speak other languages?

Yes! We have providers who speak American Sign Language (ASL), Farsi, Georgian, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

We accept most insurance plans and offer sliding scale fees as needed
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