Couples Therapy

Merging your life with another person’s is bound to create tension – it’s unavoidable. Even couples who have been together for a long time can hit rough patches as circumstances change and you both grow. It may seem like the two of you will never understand each other, but there is hope!

Open and honest communication is the only way to bridge the gulf between you and your partner. If things have been unpleasant for a while, however, that can feel impossible.

In couples therapy, you’ll work with a therapist who acts as a neutral third party to facilitate important discussions. Your therapist will provide active, solution-focused mediation to meet the needs of both parties. You can expect to receive useful tools and strategies to learn a new way of relating to your partner so you can experience positive change as quickly as possible.

During couples therapy you will learn to:

Listen to your partner (and really hear them!)
• Express what you truly mean
• Communicate your needs
• Argue productively (yes, arguing is positive when done right!)
• Break the negative cycle you and your partner have been stuck in
• Work towards understanding on issues such as finances, parenting, intimacy, and division of household duties

Together with your therapist, you and your partner will build healthy channels of communication so you can get on the same page… and back on the same team!

We accept most insurance plans and offer sliding scale fees as needed
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