Mental Health Services for Seniors

Onsite services designed to meet the unique needs of residents in assisted living facilities and retirement communities.

At Medens Health, we are committed to increasing access to mental health care in the community. To meet the need for support in our growing senior population, we offer onsite psychological services for residents in assisted living facilities and retirement communities.

Partner with Medens Health to Serve Your Residents

Residents in assisted living facilities and retirement communities face unique challenges to their mental health. Factors such as declining health and independence, isolation from family, and the deaths of loved ones can all contribute to a decline in mental health. Just as you support their physical health with caring staff and strict safety measures, providing easy, onsite access to mental health care will contribute to a higher quality of life in the community you work so hard to cultivate.

Our onsite psychological services bring highly experienced and licensed mental health practitioners directly to your facility to deliver one on one psychotherapy, group counseling, and neuropsychological testing with skill and empathy.

Benefits of Onsite Services

While your attentive care staff is skilled at observing changes in a resident's health, some subtler indicators occasionally go unnoticed. That's where Medens Health steps in. With specialized training and experience, we can detect even the slightest shifts in a resident's emotional and cognitive well-being. Our onsite experts identify and assess these changes and quantify them for a more targeted approach to a resident's care.

The advantages of our onsite psychological services extend far beyond traditional therapy. Residents benefit from improved mental well-being, enhanced emotional support, reduced social isolation, and improved quality of life. Our team aims to expand and maintain residents' mental health by closely collaborating with your care staff. This comprehensive, team-based approach ensures that your resident's health and wellness are always at the forefront of what we do.

Medens Health partners with most insurers, including Medicaid and Medicare. We're also contracted with many Medicare Advantage Plans - including AARP, Anthem, BlueShield, HealthNet, Humana, Kaiser, and SCAN - so we'll take care of all billing! Before initiating treatment, we'll verify coverage so that residents know exactly what to expect before any care is provided. Head over to Pricing & Insurance more details.

Program Highlights
Tailored Care Plans
We believe in individualized care. Our providers are specially trained to work with the elderly, including those with cognitive impairments or mobility challenges. Each resident's care plan is carefully crafted to address their specific needs and goals.
Collaboration with Facility Staff
Our practitioners work collaboratively with your facility's staff, including nurses, social workers, and caregivers. This ensures a holistic and well-coordinated approach to resident care.
Continuity of Care
With our onsite services, residents will enjoy consistent and personalized support as our providers become familiar with their histories, preferences, and unique needs.
Preventive Care & Early Intervention
We believe in the power of preventive measures and early intervention. Our onsite services facilitate timely identification and management of mental health concerns, promoting better outcomes for residents.
Customization to Your Needs
Our support programs are flexible and customizable to suit the specific requirements of your facility. Whether you have a small senior living community or a larger assisted living facility, our program can be tailored accordingly.
Medens Health processes all billing directly with patients' insurance, ensuring no cost to the facility, as well as transparency and predictability for the patient.

Getting Started is Simple

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Empower your residents with access to high-quality and compassionate mental health care customized to their unique challenges. By partnering with Medens Health, you can foster improved mental well-being and a higher quality of life in your facility.