Online Therapy Sessions

Teletherapy became much more popular during COVID-19, making mental health care more accessible to all.

We have providers who are licensed in multiple states, including Arizona, California, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, and Washington. All our online sessions are conducted via a secure videoconferencing system to maintain privacy and confidentiality.

Understandably, some clients worry that therapy conducted over a virtual platform won’t feel the same as in-person therapy.

If you’re concerned about that, we have good news: Research has shown that therapy conducted online produces outcomes equivalent to therapy done face-to-face.

Our clients who were unsure about teletherapy frequently report that their experience feels no different than in-person sessions!

The convenience of teletherapy speaks for itself - you can work with your provider to achieve your goals and grow into the person you’ve always wanted to be—all without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

This makes therapy more accessible to everyone, whether they travel frequently, need to take care of children, work from home, or don’t live near their preferred therapist.

Doing therapy online is easy and convenient, so book a consultation with us today to see if it’s right for you!

New to online sessions?

Here are some tips based on the experiences of Medens Health clients and clinicians:

To log on to your online session, simply click on the link provided to you by your therapist and/or the online session reminder that you received in your email.

Once you are connected, your therapist will be with you shortly. If you do not see the Waiting Room or are having trouble connecting to the internet, please contact your therapist via email or phone call.

If you are worried about ensuring your privacy during your online session, consider the following strategies:

If you have a private room, such as a bedroom or an office, you can play rain/ocean sounds and leave it by the door while you are on your laptop. The sounds on your phone will serve as "white noise" and block out your voice, so that no one can hear you from outside the room.

You can ask your partner, family member(s), or roommate(s) to wear noise canceling headphones while you have your session.

You can arrange to have the session during a time when your partner, family member(s), or roommate(s) are taking a walk, working, or running an errand.

You can even use your smartphone to have your therapy session in the privacy of your parked car, or outside on a nice day.

Troubleshooting Online Sessions

Occasionally, you and/or your provider may encounter technological issues. Try one or more of these strategies to see if they will remedy the situation.

Complete a speed test to see if your internet connection is operating at its optimal speed. Click here to run a quick test now.

● Slow internet speed issues can be remedied by unplugging your router/gateway and rebooting the system. You can also do this from your internet services app.

Switch to having your session over a phone call with your therapist while either one or both of you is fixing the internet issue. When your screen comes back on your computer, just mute yourselves on the screen and keep the phone on so that you can keep hearing each other in case the internet connection is unstable.

● Keep in mind that if your partner, children, family member(s), or roommate(s) are also on a video call, online video games, or streaming services at the same time as you are having your online session, this may slow down your internet connection.

● If the connection keeps freezing, turn off your video on Zoom and you can continue talking to your therapist while your photos or names appear on the screen.

For Zoom support click here.

Spending too much time on tech support will take away from your session, so it is best to communicate with your therapist about a backup plan (i.e., switching to a phone session) in case of technical difficulties.

Medens Health has been at the forefront of teletherapy from the beginning and will continue to provide options to our clients as we confront an ever-changing society.

If you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed above, please feel free to reach out to us.

We accept most insurance plans and offer sliding scale fees as needed
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