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Enjoy the freedom of private practice with the comfort and security of a group practice.

Medens Health was formed from a desire to provide quality, affordable, and comprehensive mental health therapy and assessments to individuals as long as they need them. While most community, sliding scale clinics have a very sterile environment, Medens strives to create a warm, inviting setting where everyone feels accepted and cared for.

At Medens Health, we’re all about serving, supporting, and enriching our community through mental health care - in whatever way works best for you.

See clients in our welcoming and comfortable offices, see them virtually, or take a hybrid approach. Accept referrals from us, find your own clients, or do little of both. See the types of clients you want to see, when you want to see them.

Looking to build a full time practice? We can help you reach your goal.

Want to see clients just two days a week? Weekends only? The choice is yours!

Want to see 10 clients a week? 25? Go for it!

Interested in joining insurance panels? We contract with over a dozen so you’ll have many options!

Do you prefer to accept cash payments and provide a SuperBill? We’ll support you!

However you choose to practice, we’ll be there providing billing and payment support, electronic intake forms and scheduling, client referrals, and office space - and that’s just the beginning!

At Medens, you’ve got options. We’re interested in helping you succeed so you can better serve your clients - making mental health care more available and accessible to all.

Practice your way. Practice with Medens Health.
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