Pricing & Insurance

High-quality mental health treatment can be expensive. Our mission is to make it accessible by partnering with insurance companies to cover mental health services In Network. Over 90% of our clients receive excellent care with little to no out of pocket cost.

Psychotherapy Fees

If you’re using insurance, copays typically range from $5 to $40. If you have a deductible to satisfy, we’re obligated to collect the full contracted fee at each session. Our team will verify your coverage and confirm your out-of-pocket cost(s) before your first appointment.

If your provider is not In Network with your insurance plan, our fee schedule is as follows:

Licensed staff offer sessions starting at $150.

Pre-licensed staff offer sessions starting at $85. Pre-licensed staff are psychotherapists who have yet to pass state boards following graduation which requires over 3000 hours of supervised therapy by a licensed provider. Pre-licensed and pre-graduate staff are required to attend weekly supervision with a licensed provider in which they discuss their clients and their treatment approaches.

Sliding scale is available!

We will slide in special situations according to what you can pay. In those situations, costs are reduced on a scale based on income and household size. The scale ranges from 20% - 80% of our normal fee.

Assessments & Testing Fees

The cost of psychological assessments varies depending on the referral question and the tests administered.

Fees range from $750 - $4,000 for a comprehensive exam. Most assessments are covered by insurance. Please contact us for more details!


We accept most insurance plans and will run an insurance check before you start working with us. Before initiating services, we’ll verify your coverage, let you know if we’re In Network, and tell you if have a deductible to satisfy and/or if you have a copay. Medens Health is contracted with most major insurers, including:

We also partner with some individual plans, including:

  • AARP Medicare Advantage

  • BCBS Federal Employee Program

  • California Health & Wellness Health Plan

  • ComPsych

  • Gold Coast Health Plan

  • Kaiser Medicare Advantage & Medi-Cal Managed Care

  • Loveland Foundation

  • Oscar Health

  • San Francisco Health Plan

  • Screen Actors Guild

  • SilverSummit Health Plan

  • UMR

  • UnitedHealthcare (including Student Resources)

  • VA Community Care Network

Each provider has different circumstances when it comes to insurance. Some don’t accept insurance, some accept a few plans, and some accept many. We have a limited number of providers who are fully credentialed with all insurance plans. This means that if you wish to utilize your insurance, you may be added to a waiting list until one of our providers has an opening for an insurance-based client. If you are in a crisis or need urgent care, we recommend paying out-of-pocket until we have an opening, or seeking other in-network providers in your area.

Don't know where to begin with insurance?

Our dedicated team is available to answer any questions about starting and continuing care. You are invited to utilize our complimentary benefits check service, where we look up the details of your insurance plan so you can understand your options.

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Out-of-Network Benefits

If you have a PPO plan, you may be eligible to get 60-80% of each session reimbursed after you meet your deductible.

If we are not contracted with your plan, your provider will collect the agreed-upon fee at each appointment. We can provide you with a “superbill” that outlines the services that were provided. You will then have to submit the forms to your insurance company for processing. After processing, your insurance company will send the reimbursement directly to you.

Medens Health partners with Reimbursify to help you with filing claims. Reimbursify is a mobile app that streamlines the reimbursement process, and it only takes a few minutes to submit your claim. Reimbursify charges $1.99 to process an individual claim. But you can use the promo code REIMBURSIFVE to get your first 5 claims for free. For more details, visit or contact for more information.

Wellness Stipend

Some companies have monthly stipends as part of employee wellbeing initiatives. You can dedicate those dollars to mental health (i.e., therapy with us).


Flexible spending accounts (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA) allow you to set aside money before taxes, which can be used to pay for your appointments with us.

Questions about insurance or other payment options? Contact us here.

We accept most insurance plans and offer sliding scale fees as needed
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