Mental Health Among Residents of Assisted Living Facilities and Retirement Communities

As our loved ones transition into their golden years and become less able to care for themselves, ensuring their well-being becomes paramount. Many families make the difficult decision to put their elderly loved ones in an assisted living facility, where they can get the round-the-clock care they need. In all decisions regarding a senior’s care, their quality of life should be the top priority. While concerns over physical health often take center stage, the significance of mental health in seniors in assisted living cannot be understated.

A Growing Concern

Seniors residing in assisted living facilities face a unique set of challenges that can take a toll on their mental well-being:

A 2020 CDC report showed that, in 2016, 30.9% of assisted living residents had depression, while 41.9% had diagnosed dementia. Yet, mental health concerns among seniors in these facilities are often overlooked, with the focus primarily placed on physical health. That same study reported that more than 40% of all assisted living communities do not provide mental health services. 

However, mental health is just as important to quality of life, especially for a population that must cope with the inevitable decline of their physical health. Seniors in assisted living facilities deserve a comprehensive approach that encompasses both aspects. As our senior population swells with the ranks of the Baby Boomers, this issue will only grow in scale.

Improving Mental Health Among Residents of Assisted Living Facilities

Improving mental health among residents of assisted living facilities may feel like an uphill battle, but there are strategies that can make a difference:

On-Site Psychological Care for Seniors

Recognizing the importance of mental health care in assisted living facilities and retirement communities, Medens Health has introduced a new service to meet the needs of the community. Our new program offers on-site psychological care to residents of assisted living facilities and retirement communities, ensuring that their mental and emotional needs are met with the same level of dedication as their physical needs. Through this service, residents can receive tailored counseling and support from skilled professionals who understand the unique challenges they face and who are committed to their holistic well-being.

To make things as seamless as possible, Medens Health processes all billing directly with patients' insurance, ensuring no cost to the facility. If you are interested in partnering with Medens to provide care at your facility, learn more and fill out the form here.

As the population of seniors in assisted living facilities grows, so does the urgency to address their mental health needs. By creating supportive environments, raising awareness, and offering innovative services like Medens Health's on-site psychological care, we can ensure that seniors in assisted living facilities enjoy a higher quality of life, both physically and mentally.


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