Medens Health Unveils On-Site Psychological Services for Seniors

At Medens Health, we are committed to making mental health accessible to every corner of our community. To address the needs of our growing senior population, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a new program offering on-site psychological services for residents of assisted living facilities and retirement communities.

The State of Senior Mental Health in Assisted Living

A 2020 CDC report showed that, in 2016, 30.9% of assisted living residents suffered from depression, while 41.9% had diagnosed dementia. Yet, mental health concerns among seniors in these facilities are often overlooked, with the focus primarily placed on physical health. That same study reported that more than 40% of all assisted living communities do not provide mental health services. At Medens Health, we know that seniors benefit most from a comprehensive approach that encompasses both physical and mental health, leading to an enhanced quality of life as they and their families navigate their golden years.

Providing Comprehensive Mental Health Support for Seniors

Through Medens Health, residents can now receive tailored counseling and support from skilled professionals who understand the unique challenges they face and who are committed to their holistic well-being.

"Senior mental health is an issue that has traditionally been overlooked,” says Dr. Nicole Anders, PsyD, Co-founder and Chief Psychology Officer. “As Baby Boomers continue to swell the populations of assisted living facilities and retirement communities, it’s crucial to set up support for their mental health before it becomes a crisis. By offering on-site counseling, we hope to help create an environment where seniors can flourish emotionally and mentally, enhancing their overall quality of life.”

With Medens Health, residents will benefit from:

To make things as seamless as possible, Medens Health processes all billing directly with patients' insurance, ensuring no cost to the facility, as well as transparency and predictability for the patient.

On-Site Psychological Care for Seniors in CA & NV

As the population of seniors in assisted living facilities and retirement communities grows, so does the urgency to address their mental health needs. By providing high-quality, on-site services for seniors, Medens Health is working to ensure that these seniors enjoy a higher quality of life, both physically and mentally. 

For more information, you can reach out online or give us a call at (833) 624-5400. If you are interested in partnering with Medens Health to provide care at your facility, learn more and fill out the form here.


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