The Power of Sex-positive Therapy

Sexuality is an integral aspect of humanity, but discussing sex and sexual desire openly and positively is a challenge for many. Fortunately, sex-positive therapy is breaking down these barriers by providing a safe and supportive space to explore sexual concerns, desires, and experiences. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of sex-positive therapy, understanding its principles, exploring its benefits, and learning how it can empower individuals to embrace a healthy and shame-free sexuality.

Understanding sex-positive therapy

Sex-positive therapy embraces the belief that sexuality is a natural and positive aspect of human life, encompassing a diverse range of desires, orientations, and kinks. Therapists practicing this approach prioritize empathy, non-judgment, and inclusivity, valuing and respecting diverse sexual identities and practices. The goal is to destigmatize all forms of consensual sexual expression, allowing individuals to explore and express their sexual desires without shame or guilt.

Why choose sex-positive therapy?

Many individuals carry the burden of shame and trauma related to their sexuality, especially those with unconventional desires such as kinks. Sex-positive therapy provides a healing space to address and overcome these emotional challenges. By challenging societal taboos and oppressive norms, this therapeutic approach encourages self-acceptance and empowerment in sexual expression, fostering a sense of safety and belonging for those with kinks. 

Instead of a taboo or uncomfortable topic, sex is completely up for discussion in a sex-positive therapy room. That means that a couple who lives a BDSM lifestyle can discuss the full depth of their relationship without fear of judgment or discomfort. A polyamorous couple can discuss the issues and interactions occurring among their partners. A client can divulge her excitement and misgivings about a new play partner. Most importantly, all clients can explore their sexuality and how it integrates with their identity.

Benefits of seeing a sex-positive therapist:

Also called kink-allied therapy, many people seek sex-positive therapy because their sexual identity, orientation, or desires are unconventional. For these people, seeing a sex-positive therapist holds many benefits:

Safe Space for Kinks: Sex-positive therapists provide a non-judgmental and accepting environment where individuals with kink can openly discuss their desires, interests, and experiences without fear of rejection or misunderstanding.

Knowledge and Understanding: Sex-positive therapists are well-informed about various kinks and the dynamics within the kink community. This saves valuable time (and possible embarrassment) that would otherwise be spent explaining the intricacies of kinks, allowing clients to focus on personal growth and exploration.

Overcoming Kink-Shame: Individuals in the kink community may face societal stigma and shame related to their interests. Sex-positive therapy offers a supportive platform to address these feelings, promoting a healthy understanding and acceptance of one's desires.

Navigating Consent and Communication: Sex-positive therapists assist clients in exploring consent, boundaries, and communication within their sexual relationships, enhancing emotional and physical safety.

Navigating Trauma and Shame: For individuals in the kink community who have experienced trauma related to their interests, sex-positive therapy offers a compassionate and understanding approach. Therapists use trauma-informed techniques to support clients in healing from past wounds, enabling them to build healthier relationships with their sexuality and desires.

Enhancing Communication and Intimacy: Through sex-positive therapy, clients can improve communication with partners, leading to deeper emotional and physical intimacy.

“Sex therapist” vs. “sex-positive therapist”:

It can be easy to confuse a sex-positive therapist with a sex therapist. A sex therapist is a specialized mental health professional who focuses on addressing and treating sexual dysfunctions, concerns, and relationship issues. They often use therapeutic techniques to help individuals and couples navigate sexual challenges and improve intimacy. Individuals and couples seeing a sex therapist are often seeking to remedy very specific sexual issues.

A “sex-positive therapist” is a broader term that encompasses therapists who adopt a specific mindset and approach towards sexuality. Sex-positive therapists prioritize non-judgment, inclusivity, and open communication about diverse sexual desires, orientations, and practices. They create a safe space for clients to explore their sexual identities without shame or guilt, fostering a sense of acceptance and empowerment in their sexual expression. It is essentially “regular” therapy with a sex-positive therapist who is comfortable discussing anything sex-related that may come up. While some sessions may center on or involve the client’s sexuality, other sessions might span a wide range of topics, such as the client’s childhood or career path.

How to find a sex-positive therapist:

Most sex-positive therapists list themselves as “sex-positive” or “kink allied” in their professional profiles and on their websites. You can search Psychology Today for sex-positive, kink allied therapists in your area. Look for therapists and mental health professionals who specialize in sex-positive therapy and have experience working with individuals across a diverse range of sexual identities, orientations, and kinks. If you are a member of the kink community,  consider seeking referrals from trusted sources within the community or utilize online directories that specifically cater to sex-positive therapists. When approaching a potential therapist, be sure to disclose that sex positivity is important to you. If you feel comfortable, give them some insight into the specific issues you are wanting to discuss around your sexuality. If they don’t feel equipped to help you, they might give you a referral to someone who is.

Sex-positive therapy in CA and NV

Sex-positive therapy stands as a powerful tool to embrace sexual wellness and break free from societal stigmas, particularly for those in the kink community. By choosing this therapeutic approach, individuals can embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier and more shame-free sexual life. If you are looking for a sex-positive therapist in California or Nevada, contact Medens Health today. You can also get in touch by phone or text at (833) 624-5400. Our diverse staff of talented mental health professionals features many sex-positive providers!


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