Our Diverse Staff Continues to Grow

As we enter our third year, Medens Health is thrilled to welcome five talented mental health professionals to our growing staff of providers. Each one brings a high level of skill, compassion, unique strengths and experiences, and a passionate commitment to the field of mental health.

Josephine Lee, MA

Jo is a fourth-year doctoral student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and is a member of the diagnostic assessment team in Beverly Hills. She brings a wealth of diverse life experiences to the team; she was born in Seoul, spent five years of her childhood in Melbourne, and moved to Southern California at age 14.

“As a bilingual female clinician with a multicultural background who has lived in three different countries, I know firsthand the struggles of acculturation, immigration, racial identity, and women’s issues. If any of those factors play into your identity or the struggles you face, I can validate your experiences from a place of empathy. I truly enjoy working with clients from all backgrounds, and I would be honored to support you on your path to a higher quality of life.”

Learn more about Jo here.

Dr. Kris Kern, PsyD

Dr. Kern is nothing short of a mental health rockstar; in addition to providing therapy at Medens Health, he is a Staff Psychologist at the VA Southern Nevada Health Care System, where he supports older Veterans and their families. He also guides the next generation of mental health providers as an adjunct faculty member.

“When making the complex and vulnerable choice to begin therapy, you should be able to trust your therapist and feel safe sharing your story. As a First-Generation Queer Therapist of Color who has experienced discrimination and racism, I offer validation to my clients’ lived experiences. Social justice and advocacy are key facets of my professional identity. Whether it be on a large scale with system wide policy change, or a small recognition of how systems oppress marginalized communities within the therapeutic space, ensuring that your story is honored and heard is vital to my approach.”

Dr. Kern is offering virtual sessions across California, and you can learn more about him here.

Esther Olajide, AMFT

Esther offers in-person sessions in Beverly Hills and virtual sessions across California. She found her way into the field of mental health by working as a teaching assistant, where she realized that she enjoyed working with individuals one-on-one and providing a safe space for them to reflect and grow.

“My goal as a therapist is to help you feel comfortable and supported from the start by creating an environment where you can freely explore your emotions, discover your strengths, and find solutions to your problems. With empathy, collaboration, and a non-judgmental approach, I work closely with clients to tailor therapy to their unique needs. I believe in fostering trust and building a strong therapeutic alliance, empowering you to embrace personal growth and well-being. Drawing from a Family Systems perspective, I recognize the interconnectedness of our experiences with relationships and environments.”

Learn more about Esther here.

Hannah Grant, AMFT

Hannah is a recent graduate of Pepperdine University. She grew up in Hong Kong, which suffers from a stigma around mental health support and a lack of mental health resources. This fueled her drive to be part of the change and normalize seeking support for mental health.

“Rather than subscribing to one societal ideal, I believe that every individual has unique strengths, challenges, and stories. It is my goal to support you by helping you navigate your challenges and foster resilience and growth as you work towards happiness and fulfillment - whatever that looks like for you. Having lived and worked in diverse cultural contexts, I have a deep appreciation for the unique perspectives that people from different backgrounds bring to the therapeutic process. I embrace diversity and am passionate about providing a culturally sensitive and safe space where each client can feel celebrated for their differences as they are supported in their struggles.”

Hannah is offering in-person sessions in Beverly Hills. Learn more about her here.

Dr. James Jobe, PhD

Dr. Jobe has been drawn to helping others from an early age. He enjoys connecting with his clients and providing a safe, non-judgmental space to collaborate and achieve their goals.

“As a therapist my function is not to tell you the answers, but to help you find them for yourself. You are steering the ship and calling the shots on this journey; I’m there to accompany you, guide you through the waters, and jump in to help when the weather gets tricky. My goal is to strive each and every session to truly hear you and to acknowledge your unique experience. Together we can navigate trauma, depression, anxiety, relationships, life decisions, and the challenges inherent in being human.”

Learn more about Dr. Jobe here.

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We look forward to continuing to grow with these skilled professionals as we expand our reach in our drive to serve more clients. If you would like to work with any of these new providers, you can reach out to Medens Health by phone or text at (833) 624-5400, send us a message using our online contact form, or simply get started here.

To view more providers, check out our diverse staff here.


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